'Blood Rain' Terrifies Russian Residents

July 11, 2018
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There's no doubt about it, Siberia is a pretty crazy place. There have been all kinds of inexplicable and bizarre headlines from Russia, but the latest might take the cake.

Apparently it rained blood in Siberia last Tuesday. Locals were pretty shaken by the crimson storm, some even claimed it was a sign of the end of the world. And who could blame people? The small town quickly turned into something out of a horror movie. Videos taken during the storm are pretty hard to explain...

Now, it would be pretty cool if the rain was actually blood, but the explanation is a little more mundane, though its arguably just as gross. As it turns out, workers at a Nornickelmetallurgical plant had recently stripped the factory of a thick layer of rust off the roof and factory floor. The iron oxide was then not properly covered and a strong gust of wind knocked the container over. The rust then mixed with the downpour to create a freaky blood storm.

Via Live Science