[Video] Bill Murray Showed Up To A College Students House Party And Sang With Him

In The Video, Murray Can Be Seen Singing Scottish Folk Music With The College Student

October 4, 2019


The internet was made for crazy Bill Murray stories about the actor doing silly things to unsuspecting fans. While some of the stories seem more like myths than actual happenings, every so often a video emerges or Murray admits to something giving truth to these crazy fan interaction stories. Now, it has been reported that Bill Murray recently crashed a student’s house party, and sang with him before police showed up. Luckily, this time around there’s video proof of this actually happening.

As the story goes, a college student in Glasgow, Scotland recently ran into Bill Murray while at a gig in St. Andrews. The student, Hugh Kelly, was lucky enough to spot the actor before he joined his group for a drink. “I ended up playing a gig up in St. Andrews, where Bill Murray turned up at. He started drinking with us and we managed to get him back to our afters. Just before the police shut the party down, him and I sang a tune together,” said Kelly.

Bill Murray, who was in town for a golf tournament, joined Hugh Kelly in singing some Scottish folk music, but of course the shenanigans didn’t end there. According to Kelly, Murray helped when the police showed up, and had plenty of hilarious interactions with Kelly and the other guests. At 69 years old, Bill Murray clearly has no plans to stop partying.

Via The Tab