‘The Big Bang Theory’ Honored With Shout Out During Nobel Physics Announcement

The Presentation Began With A Quote From The Show’s Theme Song

October 9, 2019

Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff

‘The Big Bang Theory’ may have wrapped up their final season this year, but the show will live on thanks to their adoring fans, and of course the science community. The hit television series was honored at the Nobel Physics Ceremony on Tuesday, when the presentation started with a reference to the show. Right before the winners announcement, academy member Ulf Danielsson opened by reciting the opening lines to the show’s theme song.

Danielsson started off the winners’ presentation in Stockholm, Sweden by saying “Our whole universe was in a hot, dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started.” While ‘The Big Bang Theory’ wasn’t receiving any awards, three of the winners won based on their work in understanding how the universe has evolved from the Big Bang. The group also made the discovery of another planet outside our solar system.

Secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Goran Hansson, said the show was a "fantastic achievement" that brought the "world of science to laptops and living rooms around the world." Of course, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ended with two characters, Shelden and Amy winning the Nobel prize in physics. Now, the show has officially been honored on physics biggest stage.

Via USA Today