Ben Stiller Makes Woman's Day After Offering His Seat On The Subway

April 5, 2019
Ben Stiller, Basketball Game, Crowd, Talking, 2015

(Photo by William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports)

Ben Stiller is a man of respect and manners.

So when he noticed a woman standing on the same Subway car he was seated in, he kindly offered his seat.  

And she absolutely freaked!

When she recognized who Stiller was, she started moving up and down the car shouting, "I love you so much" in Spanish.  She even took the rollers out of her hair to make sure she looked good after asking for a picture with him!

When @benstiller casually gives up his seat on the #NYC subway & then this .. --♥️ made this lady’s day #classact #wshh #tmz #willsta_gram For licensing and usage, please contact

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Clearly with the sunglasses on Stiller didn't want to be recognized, but this lady absolutely blew up his spot.  He's such a nice guy it seems he stood for pictures from anyone who asked.

Via Page Six