Bearded Lady Gets Married In Christian-Satanist Wedding

And, yes, we have a picture.

April 13, 2019
Photo Credit: FluxFactory/Getty Images

Photo Credit: FluxFactory/Getty Images

No, this is not a made-up story from The National Enquirer.

In a beautiful ceremony in Tacoma, Washington, Little Bear Schwarz married Tobias Bradick.  It was just like any other ceremony...until you learn that Little Bear is a bearded lady.  Even more unusual, the 36-year-old Christian (who feared she'd be single forever) married a 45-year-old Satanist (who just happened to have a beard, too) in an interfaith Christian-Satanist ceremony.

But there's more.

The two met through an online polyamory group for people wanting multiple sexual partners.

That's it...we've heard it all!

Source: Yahoo! News

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