[Video] Two Bear Cubs Honk Horn For Freedom After Getting Trapped Inside Van

The Bears Smartly Used The Horn Instead Of Destroying The Vehicle

October 8, 2019


What does a bear do if it gets trapped inside a car? While most would assume the car would get destroyed, apparently bears are polite enough to honk the horn instead. At least, that’s what two bear cubs did after they were recently trapped inside a van in Tennessee.

It is unknown how the two bear cubs got inside the van, but thanks to Jeff Stokely, and the car’s horn, they were able to be freed. Jeff Stokely is a home security technician, who was working on a home, when he heard his van’s horn blaring outside the home. When he went outside to check on his car, he noticed two bear cubs inside.

The two bear cubs were climbing around the front part of Stokely’s company van when he approached the vehicle. Stokely then went around back to open the rear door. After making sure the bear’s mother wasn’t around, he let the bear cubs free, where they ran back into the woods. No one was harmed, and luckily the bears were smart enough to use the horn instead of breaking down the door.

Via Fox News