Australian Woman Dies After Eating Too Much Cake

The Woman Was Part Of A Lamington Eating Contest To Celebrate Australia Day

January 27, 2020


An Australian woman has died after eating too much cake during a lamington eating contest celebrating Australia Day. The woman thought she had a seizure around 2 PM on Sunday, during the eating competition. The 60-year-old woman was brought to a local hospital, but paramedics were unable to save her.

Sunday’s Australia Day celebration started out full of joy, as many participated in the event at the Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Along with the Lamington eating contest, there was also a magpie eating contest, and plenty of other activities. Lamington is a type of sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut.

The contest called for contestants to eat as much lamington as possible in a short amount of time. This led to many “shoveling” the cake into their mouths. Many online offered their condolences, and while some joked about eating too much cake being the ideal way to go, most just hope this doesn’t ruin lamington for them forever.

Via Yahoo!