Artist Paints Texas Fast Food Restaurants Into Romantic Landscapes

December 13, 2018
Artist, Painting, Brush, Easel, Palette, Hand

We can honestly say we have never before seen anything like this.

Michael Esparza opened an Etsy shop this past May, and he's cornered a market that we had no idea we needed until he started selling his paintings to the world.  Esparza likes to take our favorite, local fast food restaurants and paint them into beautiful romantic landscapes.  Esparza makes sure to hit all the favorites, too, like Whataburger, Taco Cabana,  Buc-ee's, all of which are surrounded by beautiful forests and babbling brooks.  

They're beautiful.

Esparza got the idea while studying in Italy for a year.  He says, "A lot of people I would talk to in Europe, they would tell me what they thought Texas looked like.  So I wanted to make those landscapes what they thought, but also as a person from here, I wanted to make them even more Texas. It’s like Texas squared."  

He describes his work as "a little bit Bob Ross and a little bit Thomas Kinkade."  However you describe it, we want them ALL!

Via Texas Monthly