Armed Robber Thrown Through Window After Third Attempt Trying To Rob Lubbock 7-11

March 30, 2018
Broken Window, Window, Glass, Building

(Photo via Dreamstime)


21-year-old Treshun Bates arrived at his local 7-11 store in Lubbock looking to buy some cigarettes.  

Unfortunately for him, he did not have his I.D., so the clerk would not sell him any.  Bates pleased and argued, even leaving and returning with another gentleman to try and purchase the cigarettes.  Still, the clerk would not budge, and bates became irate.  He flashed a pistol tucked in his waistband to the clerk in an attempt at intimidation, but the clerk proceeded to walk from behind the counter and push Bates out of the store.

They made it outside when Bates began assaulting the clerk with the gun.  Fearing for his life, the clerk then grabbed Bates, picked him up, and then THREW HIM THROUGH THE STORE'S WINDOW!  Like completely through it.  Totally shattered and everything.  The clerk put Bates in a headlock to wait for police, but Bates eventually escaped his clutches and ran from the scene. 

He was eventually apprehended at a nearby apartment and taken into custody.  When asked if he required any medical attention, Bates stated he did because "he was thrown through the window at 7-11." 

Bates has been charged with aggravated robbery, and is currently being held at Lubbock County Detention Center on $50,000 bond.

Via Star Telegram