Arlington Police And Big-Rig Driver Save Teen Contemplating Jumping From Overpass

March 28, 2019
Truck, Big Rig, Road, Driving, Bridge, Highway

The Arlington Police Department, at the very least, saved one life Wednesday morning.

An officer pulled up to the scene along Interstate 20 at Kelly Elliot Road where a teenager was contemplating jumping from the overpass into oncoming traffic.  The officer, thinking quickly, recruited a big-rig truck driver to park under the bridge, so in case the teen did jump, they would land on the trailer.

After several seconds, the teen did just that.  He jumped, but landed safely in the truck’s trailer. 

Arlington Police Chief WiIl Johnson later tweeted, “We had some help from a big rig this morning as a teen was contemplating jumping from an overpass.”  Sheriff "was instrumental in directing the truck driver before the teen jumped & later landed on the trailer. Excellent crisis intervention to help this teen.”