"American Pickers" Find Aerosmith's Tour Van From The '70s In The Woods

August 9, 2018
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith, Concert, Singing, Scarf

(Photo by KRT) NC KD BL 2001 (Horiz) (lde)


Oh if that van could talk!

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, hosts of American Pickers on the History Channel just made one of the coolest discoveries in the show's history.  They were contacted by a man in a small town in Massachusetts with a pretty interesting piece of rock and roll history on his land.  

A van.  Broken down, unusable, abandoned.  But a van once occupied by the legendary Aerosmith who, would all pile into the vehicle for small tours of New England in the early '70s.  

Founding Aerosmith member Ray Tabano confirmed the van as being authentic, and the one that band used to travel early in their careers.  Wolfe and Fritz paid $25,000 for the vehicle, with Wolfe saying, it's "a piece of American rock and roll history."