Warner Bros. In Early Development Stages Of Reboot Of "ALF"

August 2, 2018
ALF, Cartoon

With the amount of reboots of old television shows recently, it was only a matter of time before we brought up our old friend, the Alien Life Form.

Warner Bros. is reportedly in the very early stages of developing a reboot of the classic '80s sitcom ALF, which ran for four seasons on NBC.

An idea said to be thrown around for the reboot involves ALF emerging from Area 51, where he has been held captive since the original series ended in 1990.  The show would observe ALF adjusting to the times after being help withdrawn from the world for nearly three decades.  Warner Bros. declined to comment on specific details regarding the show. 

It is unclear at this time if Paul Fusco, the voice and puppeteer of ALF, as well as the co-creator of the original series, will be involved in the reboot.

Via Variety