Alan Alda Reveals Diagnosis And Current Battle With Parkinson's Disease

August 1, 2018
Alan Alda, Smile, Red Carpet

(Photo by Brian Zak/Sipa Press/diminished_bz.18/0804030510)

For the first time, Alan Alda revealed his diagnosis and current battle with Parkinson's Disease.

The 82-year-old appeared on CBS This Morning, and revealed that he was actually diagnosed with the disease three and a half years ago, and only chose to reveal his diagnosis after noticing his thumb twitching in recent television interviews.  Alda figured it was only a matter of time before fans began to speculate.

Still, Alda has not let the disorder define his life.  He said on CBS, "I've had a full life since [my diagnosis>.  I've acted, I've given talks, I help at the Alda Center for Communicating Science… It hasn't stopped my life at all.  I've had a richer life than I've had up until now."

As for how he's going to carry on with the rest of his life, Alda likens living with the disease to a puzzle.  "What do I have to adapt to carry on a normal life?  I enjoy solving puzzles, it's really fun.  I'm not angry.  It's a challenge.  You've got to cross the street, there are cars coming.  How do you cross the street?…You find a way to do it."

Via People