School Board Recommends Cutting Out Activities With An "Overemphasis Of Fun" In P.E.

August 30, 2018
Dodgeball, Gym, High School, Students, Coach

This Alabama school board wants to make sure your child isn't having too much fun in Gym this year.

An old State Department of Education that has recently resurfaced recommended the elimination of "inappropriate" games from physical education courses, specifically those with an "overemphasis of fun."  Specifically, the document mentions dodge ball, kickball, musical chairs, and duck duck goose among others for elimination.  The Board described musical chairs as a "classic elimination game in which the least skilled and least attentive students are immediately eliminated and then sent to improve their abilities by sitting on the floor..."

State Department of Education Director of Communications Michael Sibley came out and said the document is "older," and somehow remained on their website.  He emphasized that the list of recommended eliminated activities "is not an official position of the State Department of Education."  The State Department is currently looking into how the document was shared without being approved.

Via Montgomery Advertiser