Congress May Force Airlines To Provide More Legroom On Planes

September 25, 2018
Woman, Napping, Plane, Legroom

It's always a constant struggle when flying, especially if you have legs.  

It seems the legroom on planes nowadays is shrinking ever so smaller.  Actually, there's no "seems" at all.  Most seats on planes, on average, used to provide about 34" of legroom.  Now, some airlines offer half that.  JetBlue offers the most space at 34", with Spirit not far behind at 28".  The average airline seat today offers just 17" to 18" of legroom.  And as people are getting bigger, and the space is getting smaller, you can imagine how uncomfortable it can get for everybody.  

Finally, the government is getting involved.  New legislation is being considered in the House this week that would require the Federal Aviation Administration to provide more legroom for its passengers.  Senator Bill Nelson of Florida told the Associated Press, "Relief could soon be on the way for weary airline passengers facing smaller and smaller seats."  This is not a new battle for the FAA, either.  Last February, they released a report on the trend of ever-shrinking legroom, but refused to do anything about it.  Days later, the Washington D.C. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Flyers Rights, which order aviation regulators to consider setting minimum standards for the space airlines.

Hey, as long as this gets us more legroom on planes, we're good!

Via Fortune