Airborne Surfer Accidentally Lands On Shark, Suffers Bite Wounds To Calf And Hand

August 29, 2019
Great White, Shark, Attack, Teeth, Ocean

(Photo by Getty Images)


Donald Walsh had been surfing for several hours when he decided to try and go airborne one more time.

The attempt was successful last Tuesday, as Walsh was able to go airborne from the ocean water.  Unfortunately, the landing was less than ideal.

Instead of landing back on the water, the 40-year-old Walsh landed on a six and a half foot shark that was chilling in the waist high water.  The collision was unavoidable, and Walsh couldn't even see the great predator as he was landing back in the water at New Smyrna Beach, just south of Daytona Beach in Florida.

Walsh suffered lacerations, thanks to the shark's bite, to his hand and calf, but luckily, the injuries are considered non-life threatening.  He says he'll be back in the water as soon as his wounds heal a bit, though.

Via Houston Chronicle