After Receiving Customer Complaints, Winter Wonderland Frisco Makes Major Changes

Changes Includes A Price Reduction And Photos Added To The Website

December 4, 2019


If something is promoted online, it better be truthful or the internet will go on the attack. That’s what Winter Wonderland Frisco recently dealt with after customer complained of false advertisements. Since the complaints, the holiday park has reduced prices and changed their website.

Winter Wonderland Frisco opened on Friday, and quickly the first rush of attendees went online to complain about the event. “Everything we were looking for wasn't there," said one disappointed customer that paid $240 to get her family in. Others online chimed in saying “This is not what was advertised at all."

Since then, Winter Wonderland Frisco has offered refunds and reduced pricing to disappointed customers. They have also changed their website to include actual photos of the event. Hopefully for this seasonal park, the changes weren’t made too late.