Aerosmith And Run-DMC To Reunite And Perform ‘Walk This Way’ At Grammys

This Year’s Grammys Will Feature A Career Spanning Medley By Aerosmith

January 16, 2020

Theo Wargo / Staff

This year’s Grammys will be a special one for Aerosmith fans, as it was reported months back that the band would be performing at this year’s awards. Now, it’s looking like it’ll be more than just a one song performance by the band, as a career spanning medley is expected. Making things even more special, Run-DMC is rumored to be making a special appearance to perform ‘Walk This Way.’

While this won’t be the first time Aerosmith and Run-DMC have reunited to perform their crossover hit, it will most likely be the biggest performance of the 1986 classic. First released by Aerosmith in 1975, ‘Walk This Way’ reached a new level when producer Rick Rubin brought the two groups together to create the rock/hip-hop mashup. The song has since stayed in the mainstream being featured in movies, tv and many other mediums.

This year’s Grammy awards will once again be hosted by Alecia Keys. Other performers include Billie Eilish, Lizzo and a duet between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, but the real show will be the epic ‘Walk This Way performance. The Grammys will take place in Los Angeles in January 26th.

Via Variety