A 7 Month Old Was Just Inaugurated As Mayor Of Texas Town

Mayor Charlie Was Appointed Mayor Of Whitehall, Texas At Ceremony On Sunday

December 17, 2019


For the next year, the town of Whitehall, Texas will be run by a seven month old mayor. William Charles "Charlie" McMillian, or “Mayor Charlie,” was sworn in at a celebratory inauguration at the Whitehall Community Center on Sunday afternoon. The honorary mayor was "elected" in October to serve the local communities in Grimes County.

Each year, Whitehall, Texas has the role of honorary mayor auctioned off to the highest bidder each year during the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department's annual BBQ Fundraiser. This year that went to seven month old Charlie McMillian. Charlie wore a tuxedo to his inauguration, and was held by his adoptive parents, Chad and Nancy McMillian, during the ceremony. According to local comedian, Josh Fultz, who was in attendance, “He just sat there and kind of goo-goo-ga-ga'd over the people that were all around, like a happy little kid.”

Charlie McMillian will hold the title of honorary mayor for the next year, making him the youngest mayor in the United States. According to his oath of office Charlie will “Be kind to everyone on the playground, promote life, adoption and good, clean country living, pave all the gravel roads, take cookies to the Volunteer Fire Department, catch the biggest catfish, and preserve, protect and defend the community of Whitehall, so help me, Mom and Dad!" Hopefully he gets all this done before nap time.

Via Newsweek