95-Year-Old Grandmother Jailed For Slapping Granddaughter With Slipper For "Staying In Bed And Soaking Up The AC."

May 10, 2018
Red House Slippers, Grey Carpet

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Why would you ever make your grandmother angry?

It's just bad form, and you might get slapped as a result.  Case in point, a 95-year-old in Florida who was recently arrested after she slapped her granddaughter. her 46-year-old granddaughter.  With a slipper.  Across the face.  Hattie Reynolds told the police her granddaughter would not get out of bed, and she was "tired of her staying in bed all day soaking up the air conditioning."

The granddaughter, Janeen Williams, informed police she did not want to press charges, but due to Florida's "strict domestic violence laws," Reynolds was arrested anyway.  She was kept overnight and released the next day under her own recognizance.

Via Fox 8