9-Year-Old Uses Own Allowance To Pay Off Lunch Debt For Entire Third Grade Class

June 12, 2019
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It all started with a conversation with his mom.

9-year-old Ryan Kirkpatrick spoke with his mother about kids at his school who couldn’t afford lunch. As cooking and mealtimes are important parts of the Kirkpatrick family’s day, naturally Ryan was concerned.

He asked his mother Kylie if she could figure out how much his fellow third graders at West Park Elementary School owed in school lunch debt.  Kylie said, “It was I think $74.50.  So I took that email and came to Ryan and said, 'What do you want to do,' and he said, 'I guess I can pay for it.'  I said, 'are you sure?' And he said, 'yes.'”

Ryan used the money earned with his allowance, which his mom says he would normally use for “sports gear,” to pay the whole debt of his entire third grade class.  At the time, Ryan paid for it anonymously, but his selfless act has quickly gone viral.  He said, “I want them to realize people actually think about them because you're not just bragging about stuff. I want them to feel happy someone cares about them.”

Via ABC 7