This 83-Year-Old Great Grandmother Is The World's Oldest Lingerie Model

April 12, 2018
Lingerie, Underwear

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Dorrie Jacobson is an 83-year-old former former Playboy Playmate who spends her days as a fashion blogger living in Las Vegas.

Now, the Great Grandmother has a new goal in life, and she is shedding her clothes to do achieve it.  Jacobson is trying to prove that aging can be graceful and sexy, so she regularly poses in black lingerie, other figure-hugging undergarments, and even her old Playboy bunny costume.  Jacobson told Caters News Agency, "I wanted to do something to combat ageism.  I didn't’t see older women being represented.  It also makes me feel self-confident."

Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my 80s? Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age. Society is obsessed with youth...and I want to broaden that definition of beauty to include women of all ages. Why do we have to be young and flawless to be considered beautiful? I think women need to start embracing their imperfections rather than feeling bad about them. If I can stand here in my knickers, with a less than perfect 83 year old body....then perhaps other women will be inspired to love themselves a little bit more...flaws and all. -- @jax854 #agelessbeauty #ageisjustanumber #bodypositivity #oldlady #lingeriemodel #over50style #olderwomen #advancedstyle #agelessstyle #seniorstylebible

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Just a lazy morning in the backyard. Nothing starts the day, like lounging in pretty lingerie. #natori #sleepwear #lingerielover #sexylingerie #over50 #bodypositivity #ageless #seniorstylebible #83andglam #over50style

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“This 83 year old lingerie model has a powerful message about ageing!” Thanks to @bbcnews for the lovely feature which now has over 3 million views! Although there were some haters out there who popped up doing their “mean girl” thing, I am truly overwhelmed and touched by the amount of love and support the video received. (Link to feature in bio.). #83andglam #ageisjustanumber #ageless #playboybunny #wordsofwisdom #bbc #news #lingeriemodel #seniorstylebible

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Of course, Jacobson has received TONS of positive feedback for her body-positive photos.  One person wrote, "You are the embodiment of powerful women," and Jacobson has no plans to stop anytime soon.  She said, "We do not have an expiration date.  I have always reinvented myself over the years.  It keeps me young."

Via New York Post