‘24’ Reboot Reportedly In The Works With Kiefer Sutherland On Board

Original Show Producer And Writer Claims Fox Is In Discussion To Bring Back Series

January 16, 2020

Jamie McCarthy / Staff

In this world it reboots and sequels, there is one man the world just can’t seem to let go of; Jack Bauer. It is being reported that Fox is currently working on bringing back their beloved series, ‘24.’ Making things even more interesting, this time around, Kiefer Sutherland is rumored to be on board.

According to one of the show's writers and original producers, Howard Gordon, discussions are currently taking place to bring back ‘24.’ “Fox certainly wants to do it, and we’re talking,” said Gordon. He continued saying “When I say talking, what it will be. The big headline being it has to be worth doing. We can’t do it to just do it. We want to find the right story.”

Gordon isn’t the only one talking reboot, as last week Fox president Michael Thorn hinted at the show’s return saying “We continue to talk about 24. There is nothing that is ready to announce on either front but if there is a way to do another 24, we would be thrilled to do it.” After the show’s eight season run, a TV movie and another reboot attempt were made, but this time with Kiefer Sutherland, fans are excited for the series to make its return.

Via Yahoo!