12-Year-Old Girl Has Had 1,000 Ants Removed From Her Ear Since August

December 7, 2018
Ants, Anthill, Swarm

Doctors have never seen anything like they are experiencing with Shreya Darji.  

For whatever reason, the 12-year-old’s eardrum canal has become a popular nesting ground for ants. Around 10 live ants a day crawl out other ears every day, and in fact, doctors have estimated to have removed over 1,000 ants from her ears since August.


Despite their best efforts, doctors have not been able to stop the ants from breeding inside her ears. And despite the ants repeatedly biting her, Darji says she doesn't experience any pain, and no damage has been reported to her ears.

It’s just really, really gross-looking.

Via CBS Austin