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Jimmy Dean Gave Away Sausage Scented Wrapping Paper And Is Now Sold Out

November 20, 2018

Are you that one relative that gives the strangest gifts? Do you really love sausage? Or maybe you just like giving prank gifts for the holidays. 

Well, Jimmy Dean has the solution! 

This holiday season the sausage company announced a recipe gift exchange promotion. All you have to do is cook a recipe from the Jimmy Dean website, take a picture, and submit it to pick out a prize.

The prizes you can pick from are a Jimmy Dean Sausage ornament, a Jimmy Dean Christmas apron, a vinyl copy of Jimmy Deans Christmas album and sausage scented gift-wrap. 

Apparently, more people are interested in the smell of sausage than the Christmas album on vinyl. As of Tuesday morning, they were sold out of the wrapping paper, apron and vinyl record.

The wrapping paper comes in three different designs. One is of the Jimmy Dean logo on top of a Christmas tree, the second is covered in wrapped packages of ground sausage, and the third is of sausage patties being fried on a cast-iron skillet. 

Everyone on social media was a bit skeptical about the scented wrapping paper, but have warmed up to the idea. Others were more concerned that the scent would drive their pets crazy. 

If you’re all about that sausage wrapping paper, go ahead and make one of the recipes for Thanksgiving. You have until December 20th to submit your picture for the Jimmy Dean recipe gift exchange. 

Just don’t eat the gift-wrap, it smells like sausage, tastes like paper. 

Via: The Miami-Herald