Jack White

Photo by Xinhua/Sipa USA

The House From The 80’s Classic The Outsiders Gets $30,000 For Restoration From Jack White

September 25, 2018

The house that was used in the 1983 classic The Outsiders has seen better days and has been in need of some repairs.

Danny O’Conner from the hip-hop group House of Pain is a huge fan of The Outsiders book and movie. Back in 2015, he purchased the house with hopes of restoring it and turning it into a museum. O’Conner didn’t realize how much work the house needed in order to be brought back to its former glory. 

O’Conner tried crowdsourcing but didn’t reach the goal of $75,000 needed to repair the house and open the museum. That was until musician Jack White stepped up and donated $30,000 to help reach the goal. 

The museum will feature memorabilia collected by fans and the house will look as it did when the movie was filmed. According to the museums' website, it is now set to open sometime this year, the house resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Via: Movieweb