Woman Strips Off Clothes While Walking Through Miami Airport

She was taken in for an involuntary mental health evaluation

January 17, 2020
Passengers prepare to check in at Miami International Airport

Credit: Imagn/ © Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren for USA TODAY

There was a strange incident at the Miami International Airport. An unidentified woman was captured on video wandering through airport terminal in her undergarments. She began singing and stripping off a piece of her clothing with every step she took.  

The video was captioned, "Because it's Miami." 

She ended up being completely nude and made her way out of the airport. She hoped on top of a police officer’s patrol car completely naked.


The Police department spokesperson said they apprehended the 27-year-old. She was “incoherent” and “delusional” when they spoke to her. She was taken in for an involuntary mental health evaluation.

Via: Fox News