Will Ferrell Breaks Down What Really Happened During The Streaking Scene In ‘Old School’

February 21, 2020
Will Ferrell

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

During a recent interview Will Ferrell spilled the beans about some of his most iconic roles. 

While promoting his new movie Downhill, Will Ferrell talked with  ‘Hot Ones’ host Sean Evans. The Saturday Night Live alum revealed about really happened on the set of ‘Old School’ the day they filmed his infamous streaking scene. Will says he didn’t plan on getting drunk for the scene and that it just happened that way. 

“No, I actually didn’t. In between takes, it took so long to get Snoop Dogg out of his trailer as he was smoking and playing video games that out of boredom I just started drinking.”

Ferrell then discussed how his pitch for ‘Anchorman’ was extremely different than what ended up in theaters. 

“It was going to be a movie about newsmen meets the movie Alive where they have to survive in the mountains. And it was all about trying to survive and get down the mountain while being stalked by chimpanzees with Chinese throwing stars. Needless to say, Hollywood said no.”

Evans went on to ask Ferrell if the rumors in Hollywood were true; if he really does keep the prosthetic genitalia from the movie ‘Step Brothers’.

“Definitely top one, top two. Keep ’em in a little trophy case. Like, you know, proper like you’d see sports memorabilia. Like, you’d put a signed baseball in like a plastic case.” 

Via: Yahoo Entertainment