Whataburger Shuts Down Rumors About 'Whatabeer'

July 15, 2018




Earlier this week, people were going crazy on the internet about a photo that has people waiting anxiously. 

It was said that Whataburger and Shiner were going to collaborate in making "Whatabeer". This comes from the idea on how Whataburger already has a custom made sneakers, a Yeti tumbler, a necklace with James Avery and a store brand bacon.

Spokespersons for both Spoetzl Brewery, which makes Shiner, and Whataburger said that their is no such thing and that the photo on the internet is fake. 

"While we tip our hat to another great Texas legend, Whataburger doesn't have any plans to serve beer at our restaurant or get into the beer business," the company says. "We appreciate all the enthusiasm from our fans and we welcome them to swing by a restaurant for a root beer."