[VIDEO] Walmart Spoils Graduation Party After Giving A Family A Styrofoam Cake

June 3, 2019

Getty Images


A video is going viral after a mother cuts into a cake, realizing that it is made of styrofoam.

The mother, Marsy Flores, and her sister, Nellie, picked up a cake at Walmart for Marsy's daughter's graduation party. Once Marsy and Nellie arrived, the cake "had not been made" So, the manager of the bakery offered to decorate a ready-made cake for free of her choosing. 

She took it home for the party and once she tried to cut the cake, she realized it was made of styrofoam.

She posted the video online and has gone viral. A Walmart representative made a statement saying, "(The) incident was a result of a misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved. The customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience."

Flores received a $60 gift card and a free cake, though, she says they ruined a special moment for her daughter. 

"It can't make up for the embarrassment and humiliation she went through with family and school friends there," she wrote on a Facebook post. "They can't replace the moment that we lost."

What would you do?


via Star-Telegram