[VIDEO] Miami High School Student Attempts To 'RKO' Principal, Gets Arrested

April 13, 2019

Getty Images


A Miami high school senior gets arrested after attempting to pull a famous wrestling move on the school's principal.

The student attempts the famous "RKO" move, short for "Randy Keith Orton", the wrestler's famous finishing move in which Orton grabs the other person's neck, jumps in the air and drives the head towards the floor.

The student fails to attempt the "RKO" and the principal grabs the student and calls the local authorities.

The siblings of the student says that he was just playing around and should not be arrested.

The student is charged with battery on a school employee and interfering with an educational institution. 

The school district released a statement saying:

"Miami-Dade County Public Schools works diligently to cultivate a safe learning and working enviornment for students and staff."

"It's unfortunate that anyone would instigate a situation for self-promotion that could bring harm to others. Instances of disruptive and threatening behavior will be handled swiftly and result in severe consequences."

"In addition to an arrest, the student's lack of judgement will result in disciplinary actions in accordance with our Code of Student Conduct."

Check out the video above.