Video: Man Finds Mouse On The Dashboard Of His Car And Captures The Entire Hilarious Encounter On Video

"Please, do not jump on me. I will freak out!"

May 16, 2019

Getty Images

Have you ever had a close encounter with a mouse?

If you are anything like me, you freak out at the mere idea of knowing one exists within your home. Can you imagine coming face to face with one in close proximity with not much of an opportunuity for escape?

You want to check out this man's close encounter with a little mouse that appeared on the dashboard of his car!

Though we have so many questions as to how it got there, at least we have a video the man recorded of the entire encounter.

We see everything from his attempts to lure him out of the car with a french fry, his attempt at having the mouse jump into a bag, to opening the car door slowly for him to simply jump out, and the man resorting to the use of ketchup on that french fry.