Two High School Students Drowned During 'Senior Skip Day'

May 1, 2018



Two Granbury High School students were honored at the football field after hearing both students drowned in a lake nearby lake. 

Oscar Rios, 18, and Julio Espinosa Guerreo, 17 were found dead in a lake at Wheeler Branch Park close to Glen Rose. 

Both students were just a few weeks shy of graduation and both participated in the unofficial "Senior Skip Day". Rios was trying to save Espinosa from drowing, but both ended up at the bottom of the lake. 

Friends and family gathered at the high school football field, remembering the students. Both students were in the high school soccer team. The team is planning to honor the players at a private banquet. 

Prayers to the loved ones affected during this tragic time.


Marco A. Salinas