Travel Blogger Goes On A Mission To Visit All Buc-ees' Locations Across Texas

April 20, 2019

David Paul Morris / Stringer Getty Images News


An Austin man has created a mission to travel to all 33 Buc-ees locations across the state of Texas.

Cody Esser, a Wisconsin native now living in Austin who is also a travel blogger, expresses how he loves Buc-ees and has laid out a map to go to all locations.

"I just came up with the idea out of the blue. Instead of just stopping at a Buc-ee's on a regular road trip, I can make a road trip out of going to every single Buc-ee's," says Esser.

The travel blogger estimates that it'll take a 30-hour road trip to visit all 33 locations, and will do it in a three-day span.

"The one thing I'll give Buc-ee's is they are amazingly consistent with their brand. Every restroom I visited was empeccably clean. The sheer amount of Buc-ees's branded products is amazing. They are definitely a good case study on how a business can maintain its brand well," he says.

Would you take this road trip?


via KXAN