A Super Flush Was Conducted At The New Globe Life Field

February 19, 2020

Photo By Getty Images

What an odd task to be given. 

Students from Arlington ISD got the chance to enter the nearly completed Globe Life Field on Tuesday. Officials needed help completing a very important milestone for the new stadium, making sure the plumbing system works. 

Students and crewmembers performed a ‘Super Flush’, where they flushed every toilet in the stadium at the same time. More than 300 students helped conduct this test.

According to Texas Rangers business operations Executive Vice President Rob Matwick, the ‘Super Flush’ test was meant to simulate the 7th inning stretch during a sold-out game. 

“It allowed us to check the pressure and water lines and to make sure that our pumps are working so that when we get capacity crowds in the building, we know that everything will work as we expect it to.” 

After the test was completed no issues were discovered; Globe Life Field is now 94% complete and will be ready for its first big event next month when Chris Stapleton performs on March 14th.