A Stranger Paid For Childs Birthday Cake And Left A Heartwarming Note

February 24, 2020
Birthday Cake

Photo By Getty Images

We’re not crying you’re crying!

A mom from Alvin, Texas just south of Houston, posted a heartwarming note on Facebook that a stranger left behind for her. 

While going to pick up a cake from Kroger for her daughter's 8th birthday the clerk told mom Holly Grimet that a woman came in and paid for her cake. She didn’t give the clerk her name; all she left was a note.  

The clerk said she had never seen the woman before, in the note she wrote:

“My son Nehemiah would be 8 years old today. I wanted to remember my son by doing good to others. I hope you enjoy your child’s cake and I hope your day is special. Hold your baby a little tighter today, watch them as they play, be patient with them, kiss their sweet little hand and tell them how much you love them. Our children are such special gifts! Hope your day is beautiful. Much love from me and my angel in heaven to your family.”