"I was just cold wearing the hair and makeup lady's sweater and like a hat I bought for six bucks on the street!" - Spin Doctors' Chris Barron On Iconic Beanie Hat

Listen to the entire interview with Chris Barron and Aaron Comess on JT & Billy Kidd's Podcast

August 27, 2019

JT & Billy Kidd have a chat on the phone with Aaron Comess and Chris Barron from the Spin Doctors ahead of their summer concert at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, August 30th. 

Aaron is prompted to share about his upbringing in Dallas Ft. Worth and his excitement to be back in DFW as this will be the first time the band plays in Fort Worth.

"I'm excited, I saw everybody there. Kiss, Rush, Heart, Van Halen, we went to like every concert every week that they'd come through there so I'm really psyched to be in Fort Worth!" 

Aaron also shares the story about the time his father took him to his first concert when he was about 10 years old. He saw the great Van Halen at Texas Jam.

"I feel really lucky to have grown up there. I couldn't have gotten a better upbringing musically."

The guys then talked about the time Aaron arrived to New York and thus the creation of the Spin Doctors.

"Each guy in the band I think has like a fluency on his instrument that just enables him to put his personality into his playing and when you take that, and then we just happened to randomly as players to have this really fabulous chemistry together, it's sort of a magical mystery kind of thing. When you put those things together you're going to just have a unique sound of your own," says Chris Barron.

When talking about how they've grown as a band over the years and the not always so difficult journey, Billy reminds Chris about the times he lost his voice due to what he called a "spontaneous paralysis" of his vocal cord as a result of the flu.

"It was really a drag. The upside was that I got a chance to realize not just how much singing means to me, but I had a lot of heartwarming responses from fans that made me see that this wasn't just something that I do for a living. But that I get to do for other people as well," says Chris.

The guys also discuss making it on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

"Around that time, it wasn't quite the peak but things were really high, things were moving up quickly, shows were getting bigger and we were all over the radio and MTV, it was a big stepping stone!"

Chris used what we think is the greatest rollercoaster analogy to describe their success!

"You feel yourself getting pressed and pressed against the wall and this thrill is coming up inside of you and maybe you had something in your shirt pocket and it comes out and it starts crawling up next to you and then your floor drops! that's how it felt!" describes Chris.

Our interview wouldn't be complete without discussing the story behind the famous snow beanie hat Chris wore in what became one of the biggest hits and music videos of the 90s, "Two Princes."

"First of all, I was broke. That hat cost $6 dollars on the street in New York, University Place from a vendor. That was just the hat I was wearing around during that time, it wasn't like a stylist brought that in!"

Chris continues, “So that's how that 90s iconic fashion statement came together I was just cold wearing the hair and makeup lady's sweater and like a hat I bought for six bucks on the street!"

Listen to the entire interview inside the JT & Billy Kidd's Podcast below: