Sir Elton John Forced Off Stage Because Of Damaging Weather

Storm caused the cancellation of the show

January 31, 2020
Sir Elton John

Credit: Imagn/© Press Association/Sipa USA

Mother Nature forced Elton John off stage. He had to end and cancel his concert in Australia as a massive damaging storm and hail struck fans causing the show to end early.

The bad weather hit 95 minutes into his set.  At the time, he was performing his 1973 song “Funeral for a Friend.”  The weather strike caused damage to the instruments and monitors on stage not allowing the show to continue. John was escorted off stage during the performance.

One concertgoer was able to capture some of the storm as three of John’s assistants ushered him to safety as they guided him off stage.

John is scheduled to continue to perform tomorrow as part of the “A Day on the Green” series, and his farewell tour is set to continue through 2020. His North American tour kicks off March 26.

The concert organizers released this statement, “We too are upset about the impact of the weather on tonight’s show. Please hang on to your tickets to wait further information. As soon as we have any further details we will let you know. Tomorrows show is proceeding as planned.”

Via: Ultimate Classic Rock