Reunion Tower Celebrates 40th Anniversary On April 15

April 14, 2018



The famous Reunion Tower will celebrate its 40th anniversary on April 15th and here is 8 things you didn't know about the ball tower.

1. The layout of the tower had a pyramid-like design with glass. Then in 1973, added the ball which is now today. 

2. The name "Reunion" came about when the French, Belgian and Swiss immigrants settled in the 1850s, naming their utopian community La Reunion.

3. The Reunion Ball itself weighs 500 tons and is 19,549 sq. ft. 

4. Ray L. Hunt bought 20 acres of land which was at $2.92 per square foot. 

5. The tower is 560 feet tall and is the 15th tallest buidling in Dallas.

6. The elevator inside the tower takes only 68 seconds to reach the top.

7. Proposals are very popular at the tower. Just within one year of its opening, a gentleman propsed to his girlfriend while hiring a single-engine plane, flying around the tower having a banner that read, "Patty, will you marry me?"

8. It has been in a few movies, including Robocop, The Lathe of Heaven, The Tree of Life, and Asteriod. It also appears in the opening credits of the hit TV show Dallas.


Marco A. Salinas