Dunkaroos Will Return To Grocery Stores This Summer

February 3, 2020
'90s Kids

Photo By Getty Images

You’re way too young if you don’t remember coming home from school and snacking on some Dunkaroos. 

The sugary snack disappeared from the shelves in the 2010s, but it looks like they’re making a come back. General Mills made the announcement on social media that Dunkaroos would be returning to grocery stores this summer. 

The dipping snacks were first introduced back in 1992 was available in several different flavors of icing, including cinnamon and chocolate chip. Rumors began circulating last year about the ‘90s snacks returning after a Twitter and Instagram account was created. 

When Dunkaroos hit shelves this summer they will only be available in one flavor, vanilla cookies and vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. The one flavor will be plenty to fill all your nostalgia needs. 

Via: USA Today