Video: One Armed Golfer Makes A 151-Yard Hole-In-One Shot

January 17, 2020
Laurent Hurtubise

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The odds of making a hole-in-one or even witnessing one are slim to none. 

While at the American Express 2020 PGA Tour, amateur golfer Laurent Hurtubise who was born with one arm hit an impressive hole-in-one on Thursday afternoon.

He made the 151-yard shot on the 4th hole at the West Stadium Course in La Quinta, California. Everyone in Hurtubise's group was ecstatic when the ball rolled in including three-time PGA Tour winner Troy Merritt, who was playing alongside Hurtubise.

Back in 2018, Hurtubise told the Desert Sun that sports were his way of proving that he’s just like everyone else. 

"As a kid, sports was a way for me to prove that even though I had a difference that I could perform as well as normal people ... as they call them. People have differences and handicaps and whatever, but it was my way to prove that I could be as good as everybody else."

Check out his amazing shot in the clip below. 

Via: Yahoo Sports