Need Plans For Labor Day? We Got You Covered

September 1, 2018



If you don't have any plans for your Labor Day weekend, here is something you can do with your friends or family.

L for Lakes

You can go out to your local lake and have a cookout and getting in the water.

A for Arcade

You can go to your local Dave and Busters, Round One, Free Play Arcade or anything along those lines.

B for Beer

You can check out your local brewery such as the Deep Ellum Brewing Co, where they have over dozens of homebrew beers around the DFW area. Obviously this is for the 21+ crowd.

O for Outdoor Brunch, Lunch, Dinner

If you want to check out a restaurant with a patio out front or in the back, it would be a perfect time to do so. You can eat brisket, beer, all types of food, possibly even bringing in your dog with you. Just depends where you go.

R for Rythm

2nd Annual Riverfront Jazz Festival runs through Sept 2. There is also the Bedford Blues and BBQ Festival and Music Fest in Parker, TX. 

D for Drive In Movies/Concerts

You can bring your family or your date to the drive in movie theater. Also any concerts that are going on this weekend would definitley work too. 

A for Art Museums

Not only just art museums but any museum as a matter of fact. You can check out your local museums or check out the larger museums in Dallas and in Fort Worth.

Y for Yard Games

For the 21+ crowd, some bars around the Dallas area have yard games where you and your friends can have fun while drinking responsilby.

Just remember, if you are drinking this weekend, Fort Worth has issued a No Refusual Weekend until Tuesday. Please don't drink and drive.


via Guide Live