Museum Asks People To Recreate Real Life Versions Of Famous Art In Latest Viral Challenge

The Museum’s Challenge Has Led To Some Hilarious Results

March 30, 2020


For most going to a museum is a great learning experience, but the one down side is the realization that most will never be able to create art on that level. While drawing, painting and sculpting is being left to the experts, one museum in Los Angeles is asking people to recreate their favorite work of art, putting themselves in a real life version.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has created the latest viral challenge, having people recreate art using themselves and household objects. There are only three steps to completing the challenge; pick a favorite piece of art, find three objects around the house, and finally recreate the image using yourself and the objects. The challenge has since gone viral, with many finding creative ways to recreate art.

Since receiving plenty of submissions, the Getty Museum has been sharing some of their favorites, including one where a woman recreated ‘The Madonna and Child’ using her French bulldog. While these may not be on the level as some of the world’s most famous artists, these interpretations are hilarious and definitely a good way to kill some time.

Via Narcity