Judge Judy Wins L.A. Court Making Her Worth $47 Million

This judge is making $47 million from her shows

April 5, 2018



Judge Judy and CBS won against an L.A. talent agency, claiming that Judy wasn't worth $47 million and hasn't gotten the share they wanted. 

The Superior Court in L.A. ruled that CBS' pay for Judge Judy is $47 million. Rebel Entertainment gets a deal with CBS to pay them 5% from the show, but CBS says that they were on the red because they had to pay Judge Judy the huge sum of money. 

When Judge Judy re-negotiated her contract with CBS, she said it was either $47 million or no deal. So CBS takes the deal, had the case taken to court, by Rebel Entertainment, but the judge ruled out that Judy is worth that amount of money.  

Do you think that Judge Judy is worth $47 million?


Marco A. Salinas