Huey Lewis Says He Can No Longer Sing Or Perform Due To Ménière’s Disease

January 24, 2020
Huey Lewis and The News

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Huey Lewis and the News are set to release a new album this year; unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing them on the road.

Huey Lewis recently sat down for an interview with John Blackstone for "CBS Sunday Morning". During that time Lewis talked about how Ménière’s disease has left him unable to record or perform. 

Ménière’s disease causes debilitating hearing loss and hearing distortion. 

Lewis said he has his good and bad days. One of the worst nights of his life was during a Dallas show in 2018 when his symptoms became much worse and forced him to cancel shows. 

"And I went on stage and it was horrible. It was just unbelievable. Couldn't hear a thing. Sang out of tune. Had the worst night of my life."

The singer told Blackstone that he wasn’t ready to stop touring; he feels bad for having to leave the band and cancel shows. 

“All those shows. All those shows were canceled, and I miss the guys. I miss the camaraderie, you know?"

The full interview will be broadcast Sunday, January 26th. 

Via: CBS News