Fletcher's Corn Dog Descendant Opens Dallas Corn Dog Restaurant

January 16, 2020

Joe Raedle / Staff


Since 1942 when Neil Fletcher debuted the corn dog at the Texas State Fair, it's been a food staple every year since.  

And thanks to Jace Fletcher, Dallas residents can get corn dogs anytime from her restaurant.  

She returned to Texas in 2016 with a vision of what she wanted to create.  “I wanted to modernize it and have very clean recipes and use organic, local products.”

However, she ran into a bit of a snag when it came time to name her restaurant.  

Originally she named the place Fletch,  but quickly found out that was a problem.  “That’s the F word, and we don’t say that any more,” she warned.

On the day the restaurant was to open, is when she found out.  “I was completely caught off guard. I got notice from an attorney that I had been served papers by my grandmother.”

The Fletchers have been in court fighting over the family name for quite some time, but this week, Jace finally decided to open the place without a name.  

“I realized we just need to open this masterpiece of a restaurant, who cares what we call it?” she said.  “Corn dogs with no name is just fine!” she continued.  

Restaurant hours are 11am-9pm and is located at 10220 Technology Boulevard, Dallas, TX.  

-story via ktvt.com