Ennis High School Students Compete In Varsity BBQ

November 3, 2018



At Ennis High School, a group of students created a club last year in competitive barbecueing. 

There are a few high schools that have this club, but they do compete against each other and it's definitely gaining some popularity.

EHS horticulture teacher Tommy Copeland helped creating the organization after hearing that the state holds an annual tournament where more than 100 schools compete in it. "When we tell people about it, they're in disbelief at first," Copeland says. "Then they say, 'Wow, I wish that was around when I was in school-I would have been on that team,'" he continued with a laugh.

The students are learning how to be pitmasters. During the tournament, teachers and instructors aren't allowed to help them and are being judged on best beef brisket, pork ribs, 1/2 chicken, best beans, dessert, best pit, school spirit and best t-shirt.

What do you think about this awesome organization?


via KHOU11