Brad Pitt's Foundation Sued For Post-Katrina Homes 'Deteriorating At A Rapid Pace'

September 15, 2018



A couple of Louisiana citizens are suing Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation, saying that the houses built by the foundation after Hurricane Katrina is rotting and falling apart at a rapid pace. 

"While the citizens of the Ninth Ward are grateful to Brad Pitt, they were forced to file this lawsuit because the Make it Right Foundation built substandard homes that are deteriorating at a rapid pace while the homeowners are stuck with mortgages on properties that have deminished values," says lawyer Ron Austin. 

Brad Pitt founded the philanthropy back in 2007, just two years after Katrina hit New Orleans. The foundation starting building homes in 2008, which built 109 homes. 

There goal was 150 homes but had issues due to "deficiently constructed and built" with "defective products". 

Brad Pitt's source says, "Brad has confidence in the Make It Right team; he made a promise to the people of the Lower Ninth and he intends to keep fulfilling it, and to keep contributing money as he has been all this time."