Bill Murray Spotted Filming A Jeep Commercial At The Same Site From ‘Groundhog Day’

January 29, 2020
Bill Murray

Photo by Ernesto S. Ruscio/Getty Images for RFF

This year’s Super Bowl will be played on Groundhog Day. What better way to celebrate one of America’s oddest traditions than with the classic Bill Murray film? 

Murray was recently spotted at the same location from the original film; he was even wearing the same long jacket. It’s been reported that he was filming a Jeep commercial for the big game. 

He wasn’t the only actor seen in Woodstock, Illinois. Stephen Tobolowsky who played "Needlenose" Ned Ryerson in the original film was also spotted, along with actor Brian Doyle-Murray. It looks like they might be recreating some of the scenes from the 1993 classic.

A spokesperson for Jeep has yet to confirm the details regarding this year's Super Bowl spot. Keep an eye out for Bill Murray’s ‘Groundhog Day’ spot during the big game this weekend. 

“The perfect commercial doesn’t exi...” ✨ Phil Connor and Ned Ryerson reunite in Woodstock’s town square for a Jeep commercial, which the article states, could run for the Super Bowl (which conveniently runs on Groundhog Day). ✨ No update on Needlenose’s ability to recreate the whistling bellybutton trick. ✨ #WilliamMurray #ZFG #BillMurray #GroundhogDay #PhilConnor #NedRyerson #SiteNotSight

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Via: Entertainment Weekly