Arlington Experiments With Uber-Like Public Transit

June 5, 2018



If you live in the Arlington area, you might have seen these type of cars going around the city. 

As you know, Arlington is the largest city in America without a public transportation system. Though, city leaders has been experimenting with this Uber-like system that may change the public transportation system.

City of Arlington has partnered up with Via and within 6 months into the experiment, they have completed more than 28,000 rides. All you have to do is download the Via app and sign up. Fares start around $3 and it is rideshareing, meaning it can hold up to 6 people at a time, with 10 Mercedez vans going around.

So far, the hot spots have been around the UT Arlington area, as well as, CentrePort Station and the Walmart near AT&T Stadium. City leaders are hoping to expand transportation south of I-20 and include the Parks Mall area.


Marco A. Salinas